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Alone – Marshmello’s Debut with Monstercat

The intriguing productions and mysterious persona of Marshmello is continuing to attract lots of funs making his career to snowball. Considered a newcomer, Marshmello reached yet another crucial milestone in his career following his signing to Monstercat, the prolific Vancouver-based label. His first release, Alone, is perfectly aligned with the vision of Monstercat. Listening to the song, you can’t help but enjoy the jubilant chord progressions bouncing along the crisp bass layers.

Through the song Alone, Marshmello fosters an atmosphere of unity and hopefulness. The masked artistic has managed to serve a celebratory dance anthem to his audience. The song begins with an upbeat melody and thereafter descends into a fun drop. Throughout the entire song, you find a futuristic sound melody, bouncey synths with chopped up lyrics, a hammering bassline, and trap snares. The lyrics to the song sound a little bleak as if sang by someone who is trying to find their way home.

According to fans and critics, Alone is by all standards one of the best works from Marshmello where he carefully combines all the attributes to make it a great 4-minute hit.

Unmasking Marshmello

Marshmello is an anonymous new age producer who has been churning out superb trap music. It seems his main goal is for his fans to enjoy the music and stop worrying about his identity. Based on the scanty bits gathered about him online, he seems to be an artist who has been enjoying a great deal of profile support. Following the release of his track, a number of well recognized artists quickly shared it and this led to a mass coverage of his fresh production style on a number of major music publications.
Many people have had reasons to believe that Marshmello is a side project of an artist who is already established.

Other Hits by Marshmello

Earlier, Marshmello had released a number of hits which include:

Keep It Mello – This video which features Omar LinX is more of a fun video where Mello and LinX cruise around Los Angeles. The reason why this is a big hit is because almost every producer is featured on the house party including Mija, Kayzo, Yultron, K Theory, Dillon Francis, Swage, Ookay, Getter, and Ghastly.

Want You 2 – Produced around valentine, this video is a soothing future bass anthem that brings together lots of good vibes from the beginning to the end. In producing the video, Marshmello teamed up with Slushii, the LA artist.

Summer – This video starts calmly with a rather laid back beat. Compared to the other releases by Marshmello, the Summer track progresses more naturally and somewhat slower. It doesn’t have the energetic and frantic pace. It can actually lull you into a wistful daze leaving you daydreaming with bonfires, beaches, and long awaited summer weathers.
Know Me – This track has a heavy bass line that will keep you going and dancing. It is actually one of the strongest tracks done by Marshmello and you will certainly find it captivating and an irresistible addition to your play list.

Marshmello is definitely one of the interconnected wizards of networking and production that we shall see more of as he releases more new tracks.

An In-Depth Look into EDC New York Artists


Over the weekend of  May 14th and 15th, Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) came to Citi Field at the heart of the concrete jungle in New York. EDC is arguably one of the world’s biggest festivals of electronic dance music. It began in Los Angeles, moved to Las Vegas, and then made its way to New York bringing over 79,000 visitors. The festival is characterized by its whimsical themes including carnival rights, dancing underneath a giant, attendees dressed in bold costumes, and the stylized owl face that graced the main stage.

This year’s EDC will go down in history as one of the festivals where artists including deejays and producers showcased their prowess. Below are 3 of these artists who proved their worth before the audience.

Dillon Francis

Born in Los Angeles, CA, Francis is a moombahton artist who has also achieved a number one spot at the Beatport releases chart thanks to his extended play Something, Something, Awesome. The rise to fame of Francis came courtesy of Diplo, an American producer who spotted the artist and went ahead to collaborate with him on the song Que Que featuring Maluca, the Latin pop artist. In late 2012, Francis started a tour known as Wet & Reckless Tour where he crisscrossed North America. In 2013, Francis toured U.S.A and Canada again on his Wurld Turr. In the same year, the artist was announced as one of the top MTV Clubland’s Artists to watch. During the EDC, Francis dropped a performance like no other thus electrifying the audience.

Yellow Claw

Yellow Claw is an Amsterdam-based deejay trio consisting of Jim Aasgier, Nizzle, and Bizzey. This trio is known for their music that spans a wide range of genres and oftentimes brings in elements of hip hop, trap music, moombahton, hardstyle, and dubstep. The popularity of Yellow Claw came in mid-2010 thanks to the Yellow Claw Thursday night party held at the Jimmy Woo, one of the most famous night clubs in Amsterdam. In 2012 and 2013, the group did a number of successful singles that sat at the top of Belgium and Dutch national charts. Each of the videos released gained massive popularity on YouTube with views beyond 4 million. In June, 2013, the deejay trio performed at Diplo and Friends on the BBC Radio. They have had a series of shows including the just concluded EDC where they thrilled the audience.

Adventure Club

This is a Canadian electronic dance music duo comprising Leighton James and Christian Srigley. While attending high school in Montreal, the duo formed as a hardcore pop-punk band before later deciding to venture into electronic sound. Some of the releases the duo has managed to put out include Flux Pavilion, Tiesto, Bring Me the Horizon, Greeley Estates, and Skrillex. The signature sound for this duo includes high-pitched female vocals interlaced with electronic sounds and heavy drops. They have managed to gain massive levels of exposure through online social networking sites such as the UKF Dubstep YouTube channel. With many successful tours, Adventure Club also added the EDC onto their list of successful shows this year. 

Other artists worth looking at as part of the EDC festival include Drezo and Marshmello. There is so much that went on and lots of stuff to learn and enjoy as well.