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Florida Rapper, Denzel Curry Hints at Collaboration with Jack U

Screenshot 2016-06-11 at 6.41.17 PMThanks to a hint by Denzel Curry, we now know that there is a new Jack U collaboration which is in the works. The rapper disclosed this in an interview with XXL Mag and also on Periscope. The rapper streamed a section of the impromptu studio session featuring Diplo at the time when he had expressed interest in the collaboration.

According to XXL Mag, Denzel got together with Skrillex, popped off fireworks, lit blunts, and dug for samples during the entire session before coming up with a new track. At the moment, the track is unnamed but reports indicate that it will be released very soon. Commenting on the status of the collaboration, Denzel expressed optimism and excitement that the speed at which the collaboration is coming together is commendable and Skrillex is extremely quick with what he does.

Denzel has worked with Diplo previously, but it was certainly the first time he was teaming up with the likes of Skrillex. There are other artists that Denzel has teamed up with and done some nice music in the past including Gucci Mane, iLoveMakonnen, and Migos.

The Journey of Denzel Curry into Music

Born on February 16, 1995, Denzel R. Curry is one of the emerging American rappers from Carol City Florida. On September 3, 2013, Denzel released his first full length album named Nostalgic 64. On March 9, 2016, he released his follow-up album entitled Imperial.

For 19 years, Denzel lived in Carol City where he learnt to write poetry right from Elementary School. He got into rapping when he was in sixth grade. Later on, Denzel attended Miami’s Design and Architecture High School where he learnt for the first two years before being kicked out. It is in Miami Carol City Senior High School where Denzel started to create his Nostalgic 64 album while at the same time trying to graduate.

Between 2011 and 2012, Denzel released a number of mixtapes with his first coming out on September 24, 2011 entitled King Remembered Underground Tape 1991-1995. After this mixtape, he was formally ushered in as a member of the SpaceGhostPurpp hip hop group which was referred to as Raider Clan.

His second mixtape known as King of the Mischievous South Volume 1 Underground Tape 1996 attracted attention of the members of Odd Future including Earl Sweatshirt.

The style of rap in his third mixtape entitled Strictly for My R.V.I.D.X.R.S. was inspired by the late Tupac Shakur.

Before releasing Nostalgic 64 in the 2013/14 season, Denzel made a decision to leave Raider Clan and go solo. This album featured the likes of Lill Ugly Mane, Robb Bank$, Yung Simmie, Stephen A. Clark, Mike G, JK the Reaper, and Nell.

On June 9, 2015, Denzel made a double EP release entitled 32 Zel/Planet Shrooms. In 2016, his firsts release is a single entitled Flying Nimbus. Including guest appearances from Rick Ross and Joey BadA$$, Denzel released his second and latest studio album on March 9, 2016 known as Imperial.

The audience is waiting for the new collaboration and certainly expecting it to be top of the range just like the rest of his past music.