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GenerationWhy- The Groovy New Single by ZHU

 Here it is!

Steven Zhu burst onto the music scene in 2014, and ever since then his fans have been thirsting for more and more. GenerationWhy is a new single by Zhu which embodies a youthful summer and is filled with good vibes. At the moment, Zhu is working on an album with Columbia Records scheduled to be released this year.

Steven Zhu was born in 1989. Famously known by his stage name Zhu, this artist is one of the few Chinese Americans electronic musicians, singers and record producers. He started being active on the music scene in 2014 when he was signed to Mind of a Genius Records. Up to mid-2014, Zhu has largely been anonymous preferring to be judged only through his music. GenerationWhy, his debut album is expected to be out by 29th July, 2016.

Zhu’s Musical Journey

In February 2014, Zhu released his first track known as Moves Like Ms Jackson which was a mashup of a number of songs by Outkast. This track was received positively by both reviewers and bloggers in the electronic music niche. Throughout February and March, Zhu released a number of other tracks which could be streamed from Soundcloud and later followed by an EP entitled the Nightday.

The reason why Zhu decided to release his music anonymously is because he viewed the current music climate as black and white and therefore sensed that his racial background would draw the attention from the music back to his own personality. He has created lots of engaging music this way and allowed his fans to focus more on the music than the person behind it.

The genres Zhu has based his music on include house, deep house, and electronic. The first time the artist opened up about himself was when his song Faded was nominated for a Grammy. During the interview, Zhu stated that his brand is all about art and his main concentration is on the songs and how his audience is responding. On 15th May, 2015, Zhu appeared on BBC Radio 1, After Hours show where he did a 40-minute DJ mix comprising mostly of unreleased remixes. It is on this show that he also announced his clothing line known Nightday Collection.

Columbia Records released his new single entitled In the Morning this year. This single is the first from his album, GenerationWhy, which the artist announced he will release after he is done with his Neon City Tour.

In addition to the Nightday extended play that was released on 20th April, 2014, Zhu released the Genesis series extended play on November 6, 2015, through Columbia Records as a digital download. Other tracks and remixes the artist has done include Stay Closer, Paradise Awaits, Superfriends, The One, Cocaine Model, As Crazy As It Is, Testarossa Music, Hold Up Wait A Minute, West Coast, and Gun. His collaboration with a number of artists including Gallant, Keznamdi, and Daniel Johns has served to propel his career and endear his music to lots of fans across the globe.